Reigning in Spending Habits

About a month or so ago I found out the university where I plan on getting my master’s degree lowered their tuition rates (amazing, I know) and just like that I was ahead of schedule with my savings!

You see, the initial plan was to have all my tuition saved by July so I could spend my birthday month balling a little bit and then I’d start saving for housing in August.

A fair enough plan, right?

I was on track for greatness, keeping my nose to the grindstone and then suddenly there I was-  end of May with the first stretch completed and then some. Basically the plan worked and with a stroke of luck I’d been gifted a potential two month break or I could get even further ahead on the second stretch.

Both are completely viable and logical options, but it’s taken me until NOW to actually consider them. The reason why? Mainly because I spent SO much money last month it was insane. I went to South Beach, redid my room (i learned carpets are more expensive than i initially thought), went to two amusement parks, ordered lunches at work. I was…literally running around like June was my birthday month or something and ended up with maybe the second largest credit card bill I’d ever had?

Yesterday I saw all my pending transactions finally posted, so I paid it all of and when I tell you the relief (and pride) I felt when I saw that zero balance with morning…it’s pretty great.

I love being able to start the month with a clean slate!

BUT after five minutes of sending the payment I found out my office is going to be closed both Thursday (national holiday) and Friday. My first thoughts were: “but do we get paid for Friday too? how will this affect my savings plan? my budgets? am i still taking this month off or going to get back to saving?” Then I began to think about what I could possibly spend money on this month. At most it’d be my car, the convention this weekend, and maybe the specific night I plan to go out for my birthday. I really wanted to get faux locs for my birthday, but that’s definitely being shelved for maybe August or September at this point. 

So as of now the plan is to save this month and get back on track because if I had the self discipline do it for twelve months then one month of spending isn’t about to sway me. At the very least I’ll save half of what I normally do in a month that way I have something going towards my vacation fund (I’m still aiming for those thirty days in Japan!). 

Photo by Mirza Babic on Unsplash

Old Friends: same old shit?

It’s wild how you can know someone for years, go through so many ups and downs, not talk for months at a time, and then suddenly one person hits up the other because they haven’t posted on social media in a while and suddenly you’re hanging out until five in the morning.

Was it expected? Definitely not, but that’s life…you know?

I’ll be the first to say I was the reason our friendship fell apart. Hands down it was me and I think mixed with distance/leading our own lives sent us in different directions for a while.

Was it unfortunate? Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely things we’ve missed out on in each others lives which is unfortunate, but I don’t necessarily think it is on the whole because we’ve always managed to link back together.

It’s funny too because this time around I guess it just feels different? I think we’re both in that mentality/stage where the bullshit from years ago just isn’t something we live in anymore. There’s no overthinking. We hang out, have deep conversations, have stupid conversations, and the most important part- we roast the shit out of each other.

In the past month alone I’ve seen them twice (taking that good ol’ three and half hour drive). The first time was the fated “hanging out until 5 a.m.”. This past weekend I introduced them to my boyfriend, brought them over for breakfast with my some relatives they hadn’t seen in years, and face timed with my mom to say hi. It was awesome and by the time we parted ways there were already plans to link up again in a few weeks.

I really don’t know how to explain it…During our 5 a.m. hangout they said something off handily about how I was one of their best friends and it really made me think that: yeah, they’re definitely still one of mine. I just felt refreshed and I think sometimes that’s what we need- that physical presence as opposed to maybe just a screen or even nothing at all.

I guess in the end my true take away is: through the highs and lows it’s all about those who you can still kick back with and watch them not be able to finish a turkey leg at the fair (and then roast them for it).

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Complex Be Gone-ish!

After chatting with a friend the other day, I realized something: my “sexy” complex has faded away and I didn’t even notice.

You see, in the past I used to only see myself as the sexy one. I could never be cute or beautiful– just one who generally looked good in revealing clothes (face not included). This image probably started around eighth grade when I was leaving the “is that a girl?” stage until some point in university, I think.

And yes, someone said that about me when I was somewhere between second and fourth grade.

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Unplanned Vacation turned Stress Pot

It has been SIX days since I last worked.

At first it was awesome to get a break from work considering our next official day off wasn’t going to be until Memorial Day (27th of May). I tell you, I was over the moon when I woke up and read that text saying the building was out of working order. It gave me the chance to unwind, start a new show, work on the site, start writing again, finish my EPIK application… I even got my nails done today and I haven’t done that in probably a year? Maybe longer?

Anyway, this vacation has been all well and good, but since day three there’s been one thing on my mind:

I’m probably not getting paid for this. In fact, I’m definitely not getting paid for this.

Luckily I still live at home, so I’m not stressing over rent or anything like that. My credit card is paid off so I’m enjoying a $0 balance right now and I know for sure I have enough to cover my phone bill…I have to admit it’s times like this when I’m so glad/grateful I was able to pay the first six months of my car insurance upfront.

I guess now that I’ve written it all down the main things I’m worried about are being able to reach my savings goals/not having to dip into my savings and that the company I work for might shut down permanently. And I know the answer is to just start looking for another job once I know for sure, but let’s be real: I was super lucky to get hired right out of college and I’m not sure if I’m trying to test that again.

…In other news, my boss text me today to see if I would do some work from home tomorrow and that means I. AM. BACK IN THE GAME.

(all from the comfort of my own home and pajamas)