It’s very rare my mom and I have a disagreement. Maybe once every one to three years we have a blow out, then after a few days we reconcile. Since our last blow out; at least two years ago now, I made an effort to not bottle things up and effectively voice my opinions with her without freaking out- specifically if she threw out the tried and true “you’re too sensitive” comment or some variation of it.

Now putting aside the dismissive everything about that phrase and how it makes me go from 15 to 70…I’ll get back on track.

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Ocean Views

As a Florida kid the beach is nothing new to me. My mom loved the beach, so when I was young we went whenever she found the time and in high school plenty of Saturdays were spent hanging on the sand. The thing is though: I’m not a fan of beach. My ex lived for everything related to the sea and I enjoyed the occasional trip, but once we ended so did my need for the beach. Now don’t me wrong; I loved being out in the sun and in the water, but it’s the sand- oh the sand! It’s either burning, getting everywhere, or blowing up in your face (sometimes all in the same 60 seconds!).

Needless to say I haven’t thought much about the beach until a couple weeks ago. You see, the person I was house/pet sitting for lives right near the water so in order to get to and from work I had to drive right down the coast.

Let me just say: there’s something so serene about how the sun glistens off a calm ocean.

Honestly, I think it was the first time I really got an understanding of why some people really enjoy ocean views.

I’m pretty sure my mom’s whole retirement plan centers around having a condo on the beach and even though I don’t share the sentiment in any way whatsoever…I’m going to do everything I can when the time comes to make sure she gets it- and then I can enjoy the coastal drive when I visit!

Photo by Griffin Keller on Unsplash