Let’s See How This Goes!

Hey there! It’s H.W. also known as Outremusings and this will be my very first post on WordPress! *distant applause and cheers*

So what is this blog/website going to be about? That’s a great question and I…may or may not have a fleshed out answer to that.

You see, I have this habit where I’ll start something with all the prep work fleshed out and then a day comes where I just decide to scrap it all. At this point I must’ve gone through the cycle at least five times when it comes to blogs and I can’t even count how many times with other projects.

Now I know what you may be thinking; “If you know you have that habit then what’s the point of this?” And if it had been a year ago I would of completely agreed with you, BUT I gave myself the personal challenge of keeping a blog for a full year last aaaand I was successful!

The blog was a part of Tumblr and while I love Tumblr…I’m also very much aware of the limitations (some of which probably have to do with my minimal coding abilities) and I felt it was time to try something new. I mean, I want to start a podcast, I want to be able to get funky with my post structure, I want to be able to keep things going and it doesn’t mean I’m deleting my Tumblr by any means. I’ll just be posting on it a LOT less.

So if I somehow didn’t bore you to pieces with all that, then I invite you to strap on in! (unless I haven’t posted anything else yet, in which case…carry on)