Cosplay: Maybe next year?

It’s been over a year and a half since I stepped back into the world of cosplay and after finally getting the ball rolling on a convention in December…I found out I won’t be able to go.

I was super excited and had even commissioned a cosplay and everything, but oh well. What can you do, right? There’s always next year and then I’ll be able to see the local scene when it starts up.

Since we’ve relocated it’s been a bit of an up and down wave for finding hobbies- especially outside the house. I don’t want anyone to think I’m in a funk though. My certification course has added some variety to my days and my partner has been finding new spots to explore on weekends.

Still no luck meeting people yet, but I’m looking forward to next year’s cosplay conventions (if all is well enough for them to happen).

My cosplay did arrived earlier this month though…so I might take a few photos to showcase it just in time for Halloween.

Artist: oshtu

This Month Is…

Eat Country Ham Month

That’s right. You heard correctly.

Eat. Country. Ham.

If you’re wondering whether I like country ham or not…I love it. So much so in fact, when I realized what this month was about my initial thought was, “shouldn’t this be November?“, but then remembered I’m in the minority with my stance on turkey.

SPOILER: I can’t stand it. *except when my partner’s mother makes it because there’s a lot going on there*

But back on track with the country ham because I learned a LOT:

~ Virginia is famous for their country ham

~ it’s dry cured with a mix of salt, sugar, nitrate as well as other spices

~ the majority are cured in family owned and operated facilities

~ there is a ‘ham belt’ (Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia)

~ the whole time I was thinking of honey baked ham

So it might of taken me a bit to work through my confusion since I truly thought we were talking about honey baked ham (don’t know why), but it all came together. Even though I don’t live in the ham belt I’ve still had my fair share of country ham- normally during breakfast at a good diner.

Do I recommend it? Absolutely. Give it a shot and share your thoughts since I’ve been told it’s a bit of an acquired taste.

Photo by Jeff Covey on Unsplash