A Moment in Time

Prompt: What was the last picture you took? Tell us the story behind it. (No story behind the photo? Make one up, or choose the last picture you took that had one.)

The last picture I took is actually a video from outside a local hot spring. It was the second day of my mini honeymoon, clouds hadn’t rolled in yet, the water was clear, and it was just peak tranquility.

Right after this was taken we went into the caves where I experienced the hottest water I’ve ever tried to sit in (I barely made it up to my knees).

Video by Yours Truly

P.S. This immediately reminded me of Slice of Life anime.

Commission Idea : Short Comic

Learning to say Good Morning to strangers

*I would say, “inspired by true events”, but this is literally what happened*

My partner and I are on a trail.

A pregnant woman and her partner say good morning, then ask us to take their picture.

I take the picture while crouching.

We continue along and hear the couple saying good morning to others we pass.

Me: “Are we supposed to be saying good morning to everyone?

My Partner: *shrugs*

We hear more good mornings.

Me: “I think we are. We have to get used to that. Where we’re from no one does that. They just look at you like, ~don’t look at me!~” *laughs*

The Next Day

We pass a couple and their dog while bringing in our groceries.

Me: *smiles* “Hello” *we walk past*

My Partner: “Aw look at you applying the local norms.”

Me: *rolls eyes*

My Partner: “And my niceness.”

Me: *pauses and looks up at them* WHAT?!