A Year in the Making

As of today I officially relocated from my home state one year ago.

A goal of nearly fourteen years and three hundred sixty-five days ago, I achieved it. Not to study abroad or go on a internship, but without an estimated return date or ticket in hand.

At the time I was so consumed with logistics and saying goodbyes I barely had time to process. I mean, we had less than ninety days from when we received notice of our move to when we needed to step on the plane. I was excited for the next chapter though and jumped right in.

When my mom came to visit in January she said this would be one of my biggest years and looking back…I can’t say I disagree.

In this past year I:

  • Moved in with just my partner (no roommates!)
  • Went to the Mountain Region for the first time
  • Began commissioning art
  • Attended therapy continually/successfully
  • Started a data analytics certification
  • Got engaged
  • Bought my first place
  • Began planning my wedding
  • Experienced my first snowy winter
  • Landed a job I didn’t think I stood of chance of getting
  • Learned one of my cats WILL eat hoodie strings like spaghetti if left alone
  • Started watching Anime again
  • Reached closure on a long standing friendship

I’m sure there are so many things I’m forgetting, but all in all it’s been a hell of personal year. My biggest goal going forward though is to start posting here again! I’m so tired after work y’all. Getting used to commuting again has taken much longer than I expected. I just come home, shower, and pass out…I’m working on it.

Wishing everyone well and hoping good things are in the works for all of you!

artist: @artoshtu

Commission Idea : Short Comic

Learning to say Good Morning to strangers

*I would say, “inspired by true events”, but this is literally what happened*

My partner and I are on a trail.

A pregnant woman and her partner say good morning, then ask us to take their picture.

I take the picture while crouching.

We continue along and hear the couple saying good morning to others we pass.

Me: “Are we supposed to be saying good morning to everyone?

My Partner: *shrugs*

We hear more good mornings.

Me: “I think we are. We have to get used to that. Where we’re from no one does that. They just look at you like, ~don’t look at me!~” *laughs*

The Next Day

We pass a couple and their dog while bringing in our groceries.

Me: *smiles* “Hello” *we walk past*

My Partner: “Aw look at you applying the local norms.”

Me: *rolls eyes*

My Partner: “And my niceness.”

Me: *pauses and looks up at them* WHAT?!