Down Time? Time for Medical Checkup

I’ve been using newfound freetime to cross off medical checkups. You know- those things you’re supposed to do at least once a year, be it the dentist, gynecologist, etc.? Well, so far three are squared away and let me tell ya- boy were there some surprises. 

For one, turns out my Vitamin D level is 12. You heard right…12. I didn’t even know Vitamin D was measured in whole numbers. What I do know is I was told the goal is 30 which means I’m at less than half. Needless to say, I’m on  supplements for the next three months. 

Then I was told my platelet count is 83,000 and I- having never been told anything about my platelets before, thought that was pretty good! 83,000 seems like a lot, right? Apparently no. Not at all. In fact, it’s around 60,000 below where I’m supposed to be, which means…time to go to the hematologist!

Everything else so far has been squid and lemons though, so I think it’s going pretty darn well. If anything, I’m just happy to know I’m no longer anemic.

SIDE NOTE: I’m also actively avoiding googling what low vitamin D and platelet counts could signify because I have nothing to do but overthink right now.  

artist: @artoshtu