World Building: The Chronicler

Affectionately referred to as “my other half” by The Sybil, he is privy to all events which have come to pass. Tasked with maintaining historic records, his eternal foe is the rewriting of history by others. He does not require payment if one wants to learn from him, but only accepts audiences with scholars as he has no interest in settling personal disputes. On occasion he is requested for criminal matters as a final resort. 

In order to recall an event he either has to think of it himself or the requester must write a summary for him to review. Given the vastness of the realm, he is able to manifest numerous versions of himself on this plane to better serve his role.

A true immortal- he is unable to complete his cycle, continuing an unwavering existence. If injured, he will heal at a normal rate unless the injury is fatal at which point his body will regenerate immediately. When The Sybil descends beneath the sea of lotuses, he takes over her residence until her inevitable return.

Numen of Dreams cannot ‘pluck’ his memories, but can visit his dreams. He is not a sibling of Numen of Dreams or The Sybil although it is a common misconception. 

When asked if there is a being who oversees or is connected to events as they happen, he offers two explanations. Nature can neither move backward nor jump ahead in time- forever sealed in the immediate. However, once a moment passes, he can access it and if it has not passed then The Sybil can sense it. Since the present is an ever shifting point in time there is no being such as himself linked to this singular moment.


Terracotta hair with eyes of lapis lazuli. 

Additional Information

  • When bantering with The Sybil, he often says he knows what she “fails to remember”. In turn she reminds him she knows what he longs for.

World Building: “Nature”

Happenings in nature are carried on the wings of small beings tasked with maintaining balance. Constantly flitting to and fro, every aspect of fauna and flora grow familiar with their touch. During seasonal shifts, duties are split with some aiding in preparation while others bring about the change. Bound to specific biomes they vary in appearance.

On the rare occasion nature reveals itself- these small beings join to form a single, larger being. Its appearance varies, depending on biome and season, resulting in countless perceptions.

Nature views Winter not as a time of frigidity or death, but of hibernation during which much can rest. In the same vein, Summer is a time of vibrant activity.

World Building: The Sybil

Sister to Numen of Dreams, she manifests physically, able to navigate this plane without hindrance. As a sybil she foresees actions yet to pass, making her well sought after and funding a lavish lifestyle. Seemingly neutral yet tricky in her delivery, she teeters between letting things run their course and adding a touch of spice to the fray.

Willingness to entertain any and all beings has facilitated an elaborate network with her often serving as liaison between those seeking something and those who prefer to go undisturbed. Numen of Dreams visits frequently, both when she is alone and in the midst of company. While others are blind to their presence, she can see her sibling and others like them clearly. Telepathically linked to Numen of Dreams, she is not burdened with attempting to make sense of her sibling’s illusions, instead understanding with little effort.

A cyclical immortal, she can die- often at the hands of disgruntled clients. When this occurs she is plunged beneath the sea of lotuses where Numen of Dreams envelops her in a warm shroud. Each time she is sent into the depths she must rest for longer before awakening in her last home unchanged.


Teal hair fastened in ornate styles to accentuate her daily outfit of choice. Eyes of a dull, lapis blue.

World Building: Numen of Dreams

For every creature who dreams there exists an opportunity to be visited by a boundless spirit. Neither male or female, they fill the mold of whatever marks their fancy. On a whim they can fill your dreams with bliss, creating paradise or just as well plunge you into an illusion of terror. Never one to utter a sound, they prefer to show intentions leaving you to discern their meaning. Your mind is their playing field and if you dream of memories, they can pluck them like a prized trinket- either returning it in due time or keeping it forever.

World Building: Keepers of Esse

Deep beneath the tallest peak lies an endless sea of lotuses, each giving off a glow illuminating a number of beings perched upon low lying, flat stone fixtures. Draped in fine robes, these beings oversee the blossoms drifting along soft currents.

Varying Luminescence

  • When a blossom’s light goes out, it signifies completion of a soul’s cycle, with petals closing before descending to dark depths.
  • When a blossom’s light dims lightly, a soul has begun the end of its cycle.
  • When a blossom’s light dims darkly, a soul is nearing the end of its cycle.
  • When a blossom’s light flashes violently, a soul is meeting an excruciating end.

In the final case, if a being can reach such a blossom they will close the petals before placing it back to sink below. If a being cannot reach, however, the soul must wait until its physical body gives out.

Steady steam flows across the surface from which new buds arise, signaling a new cycle has begun.