Looking through the Backwards Lens

While chatting the other day, an interesting topic popped up: the lives we wanted for ourselves when we graduated high school/were in university as opposed to now. It got me wondering how I stacked up to what my younger self wanted. Had I met any of those goals? Had any of those goals shifted?

And so, I asked myself some questions:

H.S. Grad/Uni Student

Degree: Economics & Finance

Residence: London or Hong Kong

Housing: Brick Apartment or Brownstone w/ a view

Career: International Business

Marital Status: Single

Was the Goal Met?

Sort of? Solely economics


Nope. Never made it to brick, unfortunately.


I mean…in a way?

Current Self’s Goal

Degree: Nope. No Master’s plans

Residence: I’m happy where I am

Housing: Earth-sheltered home w/ a natural pool

Career: Data Analytics

Marital Status: Married

I have to say, the most interesting thing I realized was younger me really only cared about fundamentals. It seems I simply wanted to reach a certain point and that was it…In a way, it’s nice to know I wasn’t hung up on countless details considering how much I liked to plan (and still do).

Photo by Yours Truly

Writing Room

Prompt: A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

Ooh, okay. So when you enter, the first thing you realize is it’s two levels high with large windows and skylights. Hanging plants fill every window filtering natural light into the space (and since this is magic- they don’t require maintenance!).

Two walls on the first level are covered in a combination of large, dry erase glass boards dedicated to writing projects and framed prints of commissions. My mother’s antique desk is angled to have a perfect view out the windows with plenty of blank journals to fill. A shallow stream winds through the floor with koi and turtles providing gentle white noise. Across the room, writing nooks with daybeds sit at each window.

The majority of the second level is open to first with a wide walkway wrapping around to be accessed by one of four ladders. A large axolotl tank is built into the wall farthest from the windows with more dry erase glass boards. Writing nooks like those on the first level carry up to the second.

Back on the first level, hanging chairs and plants drop from beneath the walkway above.

Built in coolers store aloe water and ghost pepper chips are plentiful. The room smells of vanilla and gingerbread. My 0.38 pens never run dry. Oh! And the room is soundproof so when I listen to music for inspiration it doesn’t drive my partner insane.

artist: @claire.an.lin