Fatherly Shenanigans

Yesterday, my father graciously sent a list of family members with contact information for wedding invitations.

Below is what he sent with that list:

Dear J.J.H.W.,

It was fun while it lasted…we had a good run. Please accept this formal acknowledge as my retirement. I am riding off into the sunset. I will return for ceremonial duties to walk you down the aisle however I will disappear into the night like a ninja after my retirement celebration…I mean your wedding reception. Thank you for your support in finally letting the farsha be a free bird (Caw Caw!)

Retired Farsha

So this has been a running gag between my dad and I since childhood. Ever since we watched Austin Powers in Goldmember he’s been calling himself “the Farsha” and I can’t even tell you when the “free bird” statements came into play. All I can say is, my father always has time to bring dramatics into everything.

Hence, my response to him:

Dear Farsha,

Thank you so much for the list. Unfortunately, the text of your email was corrupted.

First Born

He hasn’t responded yet, so I’m pretty sure I won this round.

Artist: oshtu

Yackety Yak: Dramatic

What is something you think you’re dramatic about?

Dramatic on the inside? Or do you mean outwardly dramatic?

Well now obviously both.

Okay. So inside my mind I’d have to say texting and outwardly…going to the gym, I guess.

Why texting?

Oh that’s easy. I don’t like how we’re in a stage where it’s assumed we’re always available. It’s like always being on call and then I feel pressure to respond right away out of this mix of social obligation and fear they might get upset or it might be important. THEN there’s the flip side where if certain people don’t respond after an arbitrary time period or I don’t hear from them for a while- I go down this thought process of “they must not like me anymore because I’m a garbage person“.

…Well…that was…a lot.

Saying it out loud felt nice though.


Yeah, I guess it’s the idea of saying something out loud and seeing if I agree with myself.

I guess I can relate to that, but I try to stay in the mindset of; “I know everyone has things going on and no one is beholden or always has to answer me“. People will get to me when they can or want to OR they might forget or choose to ignore me. Regardless though I just have to keep doing my thing.

That seems kind of melodramatic, but I was dramatic so I get it.

I think the real thing boils down to the friends or people you feel insecure with. You said it yourself; it’s with ‘certain’ people.

True…Do you have anyone like that?

I think we all kind of do whether we want to admit it or not.