World Building: Capital City: Drenkyui

Drenkyui is divided into five concentric circular zones, each of which is composed of individual wards (31 in total). The Eastern perimeter is defined by sea access while the Western perimeter ascends neighboring mountains.

Below is a brief description of what each ward is known for within its respective zone.

Zone I: Palace

Ward I (Palace)

The palace of the former monarchy seats governing administrative offices.

Zone II

Ward II (Ceremonial)

Ancient temples stand unopposed with small shops thriving in their shadows.

Ward III (University)

The primary campus for the following academies: Architecture & Planning, Commerce, Engineering, Esse & Civilization, Fine Arts, Gastronomy, Instruction, and Law.

Ward IV (Bazaar)

The largest bazaar in the capital, it is considered to have ‘something for everyone’.

Ward V (Consulates)

Offices where foreign representatives carry out their duties.

Zone III

Ward VI (Parks & Gardens)
Ward VII (Bazaar – Traditional)

A traditional bazaar where guests can find artisans, clothing, food, furniture and the like.

Ward VIII (Historic)

Narrows streets marked by family run shops.

Ward IX (Residential – Trendy)
Ward X (Entertainment/Nightlife)

Known for its cabarets, nightclubs, and public performances.

Ward XI (Theatres)
Ward XII (Residential – Exclusive)

Caters to consuls and wealthy families.

Zone IV

Ward XIII (Bazaar – Luxury)
Ward XIV (Shrine)

Home to a shrine erected where The Sybil was first slain. It serves as her residence when she is in Drenkyui.

Ward XV (Entertainment/Nightlife)

A recognized gateway into organized crime.

Ward XVI (Bazaar – Trendy)
Ward XVII (Residential – Multinational)

Largest population of foreign residents.

Ward XVIII (Marine Market)

Where patrons can purchase seafood and the like.

Ward XIX (Entertainment/Nightlife)

Known for its drinking alleys and restaurants.

Ward XX (Hospital & Medical Academy)
Ward XXI (Residential – Family Friendly)
Ward XXII (Coliseum)

Zone V

Ward XXIII (Residential – High Class)

Ascending the foothills of neighboring mountains; quiet spaces and views are its mainstays.

Ward XXIV (Residential – Traditional)

Considered low-key with narrow streets, traditional gardens and local shops.

Ward XXV (Food Market)
Ward XXVI (Bazaar – Trendy)

A bazaar known for its artisans, artists, books, vintage items and the like.

Ward XXVII (Sea Port)

Separated into three zones: (i) travel, (ii) marine products, (iii) other goods.

Ward XXVIII (Residential – Quiet)
Ward XXIX (Food Market)
Ward XXX (Nature Sanctuary)
Ward XXXI (University)

The primary campus for the following academies: Agriculture, Life Science, Natural Science, and Veterinary Medicine.

NOTE: An underground city exists beneath Drenkyui where beings who cannot withstand daylight can carry out daily tasks.