Yackety Yak: Break Ups

I split with my boyfriend.

Really? Didn’t you guys just get together?

Eh, sort of? I guess?

So what happened?

I just realized we weren’t compatible.

It was more than little things. It was…core aspects of our personalities and after my last relationship I just didn’t want to waste everyone’s time again.

I mean…if it’s not working then it just isn’t working. Better to cut it short and like you said; not waste their time. I think we sometimes fall into this feeling of “needing to stay” out of some sort of obligation, but that’s a trap and learning how to avoid it is priceless for everyone involved.


How’d they take it?

Pretty well, considering.

That’s good.


A Weekend Alone

Normally a weekend with the house to myself would be spent lazing about waiting for my boyfriend to get off work. Now that I’m single again I was faced with the same void I’d been navigating around since I got back from vacation- dead space. I guess in some ways its nice that I”m getting this concentrated lone time in light of everything; in other ways…not so much.

A lot of T.V., Netflix, and phone games happened. I started stretching which was a hefty reminder of just how far I’ve got before I reach my goals. I tried online shopping (ASOS is always ace), but just wasn’t feeling it for once. I re-watched a lot of things I’d already seen a few times. I looked into some internships abroad and travel options. I completed to dreaded quarterly clean out of the litter box – it wasn’t that bad. I chatted on the phone with a couple people. I even looked over the beginning draft of a potential new project.

Were there times when I wanted to reach out to my ex? Yes, but I didn’t.

I eventually reached a point where I think I’ve refocused on certain things. I’m still on track with saving for grad school, thanks to the amazing ABS my skin is actually getting under control, and I’ve saved a BUNCH of things on Groupon that I really want to do. So all in all it was still a numb weekend, but I think we’re moving in the right direction.

OH! And I purchased a subscription box for next month! Do you know what that means? Maybe I’ll do a review of it…? Maybe that will be my new thing…? Probably not, but still!

Photo by Aditya Ali on Unsplash