A First: Aromatherapy Dough

On a whim I decided to buy aromatherapy dough and see how it worked for me. Random, I know. An old coworker of mine was always messing with some throughout the day so when I stumbled across it online I thought, “why not give it a shot?”

Now if anyone doesn’t know what it is or supposed to do (I didn’t know either)- I can only describe it as playdough that smells nice with a purpose in the same vein as a fidget spinner. It was explained there are lots of benefits to using it from dealing with stress and anxiety to stimulating learning, etc. I purchased mine for the former.   

All in all I’d say it’s pretty neat so far, but I did make one grave error…I may have picked the wrong scent: lemongrass.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love lemongrass or else why would I have picked it? The problem though is I’ve realized lemongrass isn’t particularly soothing…for me. Within a day my thought was, “I should have gone with eucalyptus”.  

I plan to give it a few more days, but as of now I think I’m going to save it for when I start a new position. Something tells me this lemongrass is really going to give a boost with training. 

artist: @artoshtu