Screams of terror sounded as flames broke the air in a quaint town. From the entrance of a burning home, a young girl was pulled at the hand of her mother into a frantic mass. Those who managed to escape the boundary of their land were swiftly faced with figures who wasted no time in descending upon them. Many screams were suddenly cut short with even louder ones soon taking their place. As the intruders stormed on the town, the woman clung her child against her and sought shelter in the shadow of a still intact building. Clamping her hand over the girl’s mouth she waited for a few figures to pass before briskly pulling her into the neighboring woods where a ceremonial ground lay yet to be disturbed. Pulling the girl to the center she quickly dropped to her knees, erratically pushing stray moss and twigs to the side to reveal a stone sarcophagus. Her daughter began asking questions, but she paid no mind and focused on running her fingers over a specific set of inscriptions. A few moments later the top began to slowly slide to reveal nothing inside. Picking the young girl, she gently lowered her down only to feel small hands refusing to let go. A few hushed words later the woman removed her necklace to put it in the young girl’s hands before blowing a green dust in the child’s face. With one hand in her daughters she used to the other to trace once more so the top began to slide closed. An unfamiliar voice sounded from afar and the mother turned her head to see a figure racing towards her. Turning back to see the top was almost closed she turned back to find herself immediately struck- a silvery fluid trailing down the stone beneath her.


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