Below are some of my favorite quotes pulled from podcasts and the like. Hope you enjoy!

“I can’t be my friends therapist. Like I love to help, but now you’re exhau- it’s exhausting. You are a vampire. You love to live in this loop, this circle, this sunken place of ‘What do I do?’ and be a victim. It’s just like; put it on a magnet and fucking remind yourself. You know what I mean? It’s just like I-I had to really break up with people or at least put them on peripheral circle of: You know, I feel like we’re having the same conversation every time we talk. You know what to do. You are doing the same thing with a different person and it’s still somehow their fault. So it’s just like; accountability…But I’m just like, I-I can’t…be mad for you all the time. You know? I can’t have your vitamin.”

Michelle Buteau, guest. “Life Un-couragement (with Michelle Buteau).” Unhappy Hour with Matt Bellassai, Pineapple Street Media, 21 May 2019.