This Week Is…

National Karaoke Week!

When someone mentions karaoke the very first thing to come to mind is, “Absolutely”. Karaoke for me is synonymous with good times, drinks, and snacks on snacks. It’s one of the few activities I truly think everyone should try at least once- even if you aren’t confident in your voice. Am I saying you should go to a local karaoke night and take the stage? Eh, no. Some places have private rooms you can rent with friends or someone can always host it at their place (this is what my friend does).

However you choose to go about it, go for it. Nothing beats finding out your friends go-to songs and then seeing just how into it they get!

My Karaoke List:

Photo by israel palacio on Unsplash

World Building: Governance Structure

The former empire is divided into five provinces, each with a capital city governing its affairs via a council.

I. Capital Cities

Austath (on a ravine carved plateau with fertile land below)
Drenkyui (coastal between the sea and mountain)
Ihtoakhus (inside a mountain)
Mayif (in a tropical forest)
Utjen (lakeside at the base of an active volcano)

II. Councils

Council members are selected based on a number of qualifications relating to their ability, contributions and knowledge in particular specialties. They serve five terms with an inability to return for seventeen years.

Tasks include:

  • Drafting laws & policies with inclusive pools of randomly selected citizens (a.k.a. citizens’ juries).
  • Finalizing laws & policies in layman’s terms for the public to vote on.
  • Implement laws & policies to the letter as determined by public vote.

III. Citizens’ Juries

IV. Individual Votes

Individuals vote directly on new laws and policies pertaining to their province and the empire as a whole. 70% of mature citizens must vote in favor for a policy to go into effect.

Policies and laws affecting the entire empire are handled via a similar process:

  1. All councils convene in a single capital to recognize the proposal or issue at hand.
  2. All councils travel to each province, reviewing with citizens’ juries.
  3. All councils reconvene to finalize the proposal in layman’s terms.
  4. Each council returns to their respective province, meeting with citizens’ juries.
    • If difficulties persist then the councils reconvene to redraft. 
  5. A vote is had in each province regarding the proposal.
  6. The policy or law is implemented as determined by public vote.

Today Is…

International Haiku Poetry Day

Poetry, poetry, poetry. The writing style I am attempting to hone by picking up the pen twice a year (a great plan, I know). Haikus are definitely becoming a favorite of mine though. I think it’s the challenge of syllable restrictions that keeps bringing me back. Anywho, below is my latest crack at poetry!

Morning Drives

 passing pavement fades

giving way to dormant thoughts

new muse created

Artist: @artoshtu

17 April

World Building: The Chronicler

Affectionately referred to as “my other half” by The Sybil, he is privy to all events which have come to pass. Tasked with maintaining historic records, his eternal foe is the rewriting of history by others. He does not require payment if one wants to learn from him, but only accepts audiences with scholars as he has no interest in settling personal disputes. On occasion he is requested for criminal matters as a final resort. 

In order to recall an event he either has to think of it himself or the requester must write a summary for him to review. Given the vastness of the realm, he is able to manifest numerous versions of himself on this plane to better serve his role.

A true immortal- he is unable to complete his cycle, continuing an unwavering existence. If injured, he will heal at a normal rate unless the injury is fatal at which point his body will regenerate immediately. When The Sybil descends beneath the sea of lotuses, he takes over her residence until her inevitable return.

Numen of Dreams cannot ‘pluck’ his memories, but can visit his dreams. He is not a sibling of Numen of Dreams or The Sybil although it is a common misconception. 

When asked if there is a being who oversees or is connected to events as they happen, he offers two explanations. Nature can neither move backward nor jump ahead in time- forever sealed in the immediate. However, once a moment passes, he can access it and if it has not passed then The Sybil can sense it. Since the present is an ever shifting point in time there is no being such as himself linked to this singular moment.


Terracotta hair with eyes of lapis lazuli. 

Additional Information

  • When bantering with The Sybil, he often says he knows what she “fails to remember”. In turn she reminds him she knows what he longs for.

World Building: Immortalized Beings

When a mortal soul completes its cycle, there exists a chance to become Immortalized. Some believe deities select the soul, some believe nature itself decides, some believe an Immortalized must self sacrifice for another to take their place, and others believe it’s all left to chance. 

If one were to ask The Sybil, she will explain there can never be more than 354 Immortalized in existence- one for each day in a standard year. Each Immortalized has a date of esse denoting their death with no two sharing the same date. Only beings who have surpassed their twenty-first year can become Immortalized. They are unable to procreate.  

Once Rituals of Esse have been performed, twenty-nine nights must pass before a being may reawaken. While in their dormant state: lingering wounds or ailments heal, permanent markings adorn their skin reflecting their month of esse, and their hair or eyes take on an unnatural hue.

Within moments of their first breath, an animal is at their side waiting to lead them to The Sybil who serves as a guide into their new existence.

Their animal companion will never stray too far nor will its cycle complete unless the Immortalized chooses to complete their own cycle for a final time. If an Immortalized should choose to complete their cycle, they can seek out The Sybil who will perform the ritual. 

Unemployment: A Steady Current

Today marks my second month unemployed, officially surpassing my prior stint in 2019. In my perfect scenarios I would have accepted a job offer by now with a start date in the next few weeks. A preference which clearly didn’t pan out, but such is life. 

Thanks to family and friend’s emotional support (e.g. chatting on the phone, meeting for lunch, receiving job recommendations, etc.), maintaining at least five applications per week, managing about one interview a week, and diverting excess energy into creative projects…I’m doing pretty okay.

It definitely helps that I was finally able to get some things with the state sorted, but everything else has really been keeping me going.

My current obsession is without a doubt The Amazing Race and I am currently in the phase of asking everyone I know if they will compete with me. So far both my parents and one of my bridesmen rejected me (pretty hilariously I might add).

I’ve also started going to the gym again and let me tell you- upper body is the absolute worst. I would prefer anything else and my gym doesn’t have a rowing machine (my only exception), so I’m getting through on sheer will power.

All in all I’ve gotten past the emotional turmoil of it. Is there still a twinge of negativity? Of course, but I’m sure it will fade once I’m back in the flow of things. Until then I’ll keep chugging along and split free time between world building and side projects. When’s a better time…right?

artist: @artoshtu