Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood

I’m going to start by saying I stumbled across this on Syfy which has some real gems on there (i.e. Never Let Me Go) and also some…I don’t even know if “dud” is the right word. Anyway, I went on guide to see the lineup and THIS is the playing order for the rest of the day: Leprechaun 5: In the Hood, Leprechaun 4 in Space, Leprechaun 3, Leprechaun 2, Leprechaun, Leprechaun Returns, and BACK to Leprechaun 3.

I’ve so many questions. Why is ‘Back 2 that Hood’ on before ‘In the Hood? Why are we then going backwards from there? If we’re going backwards, why is Leprechaun Returns at the end? AND WHY DO WE RESET BACK TO LEPRECHAUN 3?! Who made this lineup? Was it their personal list of the worst to the best? Was it the opposite?

Now if you haven’t seen anything from this franchise, I’ll break it down for you: if you take the Leprechaun’s gold then he’ll kill you and take it back- sometimes at the same time. That’s pretty much it. I think in one he also tries to take a girl as his wife, but I have no idea which one that is (although I probably will by the end of the day).

Are these movies scary? No. It’s actually in my least favorite category of all time; horror comedies. So why am I still watching? Because I had no idea they made so many movies and now I must see all of them…also I’m house sitting and don’t have a whole lot to do.

UPDATE: ‘In the Hood‘ has Ice-T in it!

UPDATE: honestly it’s a personal challenge to finish all these movies at this point because the struggle is getting real

PRO TIP: clovers can make leprechaun’s temporarily vulnerable apparently, but not touching their gold avoids the problem completely

Photo by Quentin Rey on Unsplash

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: A Non-Review

Let’s talk about this show. It’s been on my Netflix list for a while now and it wasn’t until today that I finally got to watch it. Now I’m both hooked and feel personally attacked.

Why do I feel attacked?

Easy. Because changing your life plans for a guy is a mindset I used to be in. I mean, at one point I was fully ready to move to Chicago for a guy! I was literally about to save up for an entire year in order to move there with at least 7-10 months worth of rent. Did I know anybody else in Chicago? No. Did the guy even live in Chicago? Well, he ‘technically’ lived in a suburb of Chicago and I wasn’t about to move to a suburb. Did I have any job prospects in Chicago? Nope. What does all this mean? It means the first episode hit me hard, but in a hilarious way.

Why am I hooked?

The show is honestly amazing! I don’t know if it’s the singing, the outlandish situations, the humor, the characters or what. Regardless, I’m sucked in for the long haul. There might also be a part of me that feels just a teeny bit validated knowing I’m/was not nearly as bad as a television character because that means…something…to me…apparently. But anyway, I’m on episode twelve of the first season and it has my favorite song so far: Group Hang. I’m not even sure what I’m hoping for out of the story lines- I just can’t stop watching it.

I’d like to personally thank the rain for flooding my parking lot so my building shuts down and allowing me to stay home today!

Photo by Luis Valladolid on Unsplash