World Building: Aqrabs

A warrior race renowned for physical prowess and built in weaponry.

Unlike Elementalists and Immortalized, their abilities are hereditary thus allowing families in which nearly every member exhibits the trait. This gene is understood to be recessive with individuals exhibiting the trait despite their parents not. 

Elements of athleticism are enhanced in Aqrabs to varying levels:

  • Accuracy: Lead White
  • Agility: Ultramarine
  • Balance: Carbon Black
  • Coordination: Umber
  • Endurance: Green Earth
  • Flexibility: Kermes Red
  • Power: Ochre
  • Speed: Tyrian Purple
  • Stamina: Indigo
  • Strength: Malachite Green

An Aqrab is not confirmed until they reach sexual maturity at which time a mark appears on their inner wrist. The color denotes their strongest athletic characteristic.

If they gain mastery of a handheld weapon, they undergo the Uamelu ritual earning a life-size tattoo of said weapon. Once healed they can ‘draw’ this weapon from their skin. It can then be ‘recalled’ at will. Ammunition such as arrows are included in a finite amount, but can also be recalled. An individual can don up to seven weapons in this manner (weapons that come in pairs count as one)– space permitting.

Common Types of Weapons:

  • Blade/Sickle
  • Bow w/ Arrows
  • Chain (e.g. a chain with blades/spikes/weights on either end)
  • Crossbow w/ Arrows
  • Melee
  • Polearm (e.g. javelin, spear)
  • Staff
  • Sword
  • Throwing Balls (e.g. a cord with weights on either end)
  • Whip (e.g. single, multi tailed, blades)

Also setting them apart from Elementalists and Immortalized, Aqrabs experience a lifespan in line with the average population. When maturity is reached between their 18th and 26th year, they become locked in their ‘physical prime’ for the following three-fifths of their lifespan. Once the final stage begins they resume the aging process to completion.

With knowledge of this limited lifespan, some elect to avoid mastering weapons altogether and instead apply their heightened abilities towards other ventures. 

Whether in times of conflict or peace, they are highly sought after. In times of peace they are often recruited for sport with many training grounds (military & athletic) run by Aqrabs in some capacity. 

A First: Aromatherapy Dough

On a whim I decided to buy aromatherapy dough and see how it worked for me. Random, I know. An old coworker of mine was always messing with some throughout the day so when I stumbled across it online I thought, “why not give it a shot?”

Now if anyone doesn’t know what it is or supposed to do (I didn’t know either)- I can only describe it as playdough that smells nice with a purpose in the same vein as a fidget spinner. It was explained there are lots of benefits to using it from dealing with stress and anxiety to stimulating learning, etc. I purchased mine for the former.   

All in all I’d say it’s pretty neat so far, but I did make one grave error…I may have picked the wrong scent: lemongrass.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love lemongrass or else why would I have picked it? The problem though is I’ve realized lemongrass isn’t particularly soothing…for me. Within a day my thought was, “I should have gone with eucalyptus”.  

I plan to give it a few more days, but as of now I think I’m going to save it for when I start a new position. Something tells me this lemongrass is really going to give a boost with training. 

artist: @artoshtu

World Building: Capital City: Drenkyui

Drenkyui is divided into five concentric circular zones, each of which is composed of individual wards (31 in total). The Eastern perimeter is defined by sea access while the Western perimeter ascends neighboring mountains.

Below is a brief description of what each ward is known for within its respective zone.

Zone I: Palace

Ward I (Palace)

The palace of the former monarchy seats governing administrative offices.

Zone II

Ward II (Ceremonial)

Ancient temples stand unopposed with small shops thriving in their shadows.

Ward III (University)

The primary campus for the following academies: Architecture & Planning, Commerce, Engineering, Esse & Civilization, Fine Arts, Gastronomy, Instruction, and Law.

Ward IV (Bazaar)

The largest bazaar in the capital, it is considered to have ‘something for everyone’.

Ward V (Consulates)

Offices where foreign representatives carry out their duties.

Zone III

Ward VI (Parks & Gardens)
Ward VII (Bazaar – Traditional)

A traditional bazaar where guests can find artisans, clothing, food, furniture and the like.

Ward VIII (Historic)

Narrows streets marked by family run shops.

Ward IX (Residential – Trendy)
Ward X (Entertainment/Nightlife)

Known for its cabarets, nightclubs, and public performances.

Ward XI (Theatres)
Ward XII (Residential – Exclusive)

Caters to consuls and wealthy families.

Zone IV

Ward XIII (Bazaar – Luxury)
Ward XIV (Shrine)

Home to a shrine erected where The Sybil was first slain. It serves as her residence when she is in Drenkyui.

Ward XV (Entertainment/Nightlife)

A recognized gateway into organized crime.

Ward XVI (Bazaar – Trendy)
Ward XVII (Residential – Multinational)

Largest population of foreign residents.

Ward XVIII (Marine Market)

Where patrons can purchase seafood and the like.

Ward XIX (Entertainment/Nightlife)

Known for its drinking alleys and restaurants.

Ward XX (Hospital & Medical Academy)
Ward XXI (Residential – Family Friendly)
Ward XXII (Coliseum)

Zone V

Ward XXIII (Residential – High Class)

Ascending the foothills of neighboring mountains; quiet spaces and views are its mainstays.

Ward XXIV (Residential – Traditional)

Considered low-key with narrow streets, traditional gardens and local shops.

Ward XXV (Food Market)
Ward XXVI (Bazaar – Trendy)

A bazaar known for its artisans, artists, books, vintage items and the like.

Ward XXVII (Sea Port)

Separated into three zones: (i) travel, (ii) marine products, (iii) other goods.

Ward XXVIII (Residential – Quiet)
Ward XXIX (Food Market)
Ward XXX (Nature Sanctuary)
Ward XXXI (University)

The primary campus for the following academies: Agriculture, Life Science, Natural Science, and Veterinary Medicine.

NOTE: An underground city exists beneath Drenkyui where beings who cannot withstand daylight can carry out daily tasks.

Overdue Mourning

It’s amazing how hearing a nearly forgotten song can affect you so deeply. Having recently accepted a job offer I found myself struck with the urge to reread an old post of mine. It’s regarding the passing of one of my best friends a few years ago- although now I suppose it’s been several years…The anniversary of when I received the news from her father was little over two weeks ago, but I’d successfully pushed it away to focus on other things. With my employment potentially sorted it seems my subconscious finally wanted to address it. 

There’s only so much you can say, right? I can’t lie and say I’m not sad she wasn’t able to attend my wedding. I can’t lie and say I’m not sad she wasn’t there for our matching tattoo.

I am sad.

I’m sad when I realize I’ve passed the stage we were in when she died. I’m sad knowing there are things we wanted to do and at most, all I can do is do them without her. I’m sad I don’t know when I’ll be able to watch ‘Never Let Me Go’ again. I’m sad we never took pictures together and worry one day I’ll forget her face. I’m sad knowing what used to be ‘a few years ago’ is turning into several. And I’m sad knowing she wouldn’t want me to be because she considered death inevitable and mourning to be pointless… 

In the end I listened to each song from my original post and while I can’t say I felt lighter by any means…in a way it was cathartic. 

After all, we all complete.

World Building: Elementalists

Similar to Immortalized Beings, Elementalists have many theories surrounding their existence though three are most common. There are those who view them as reincarnated mortal souls while others think they are selected by deities or nature itself. No matter their origins, each is bestowed a connection to one of ten elements (excluding Aether) at birth. 


  1. Aether – only ethereal beings have ties to this element
  2. Air
  3. Darkness
  4. Earth
  5. Fire
  6. Ice
  7. Lava
  8. Light
  9. Lightning
  10. Thunder
  11. Water

When a new Elementalist begins their cycle, all mature Elementalists with a link to their same element experience a ‘calling’. Only when a ritual is performed bonding a mentor and protégé (infant/child) does this sensation disappear. This bonding is not permanent and can be severed although the ‘calling’ will start anew until the adolescent reaches maturity. 

While mortal, they experience a lifespan four times the average population for an approximation of 500 years. As such, they are not considered ‘mature’ until sometime between their 75th and 104th year. If one elects to have children there is minimal guarantee they will share the same fate- regardless of the partner chosen. It is common for an Elementalist to outlive generations of their descendants.  

Even though each is born with a link to a singular element- they can build connections with up to five in total. In most cases, these supplemental elements are related to the initial one.

Elementalists are denoted by primary element as well as how many elements they gain access to.

Primary Element

  • Air -> Gypsums
  • Darkness -> Galenas
  • Earth – > Siennas
  • Fire -> Vermillions
  • Ice -> Celestines
  • Lava -> Carnels
  • Light -> Pearls
  • Lightning -> Orpimens
  • Thunder -> Teks
  • Water -> Kyans

Number of Elements

  • 5 -> Iapancinnu
  • 4 -> Catlimtha
  • 3 -> Estrusuam
  • 2 -> Vimstiyanis
  • 1 -> Desprhuli

Example Title

  • Thunder+5= “Tek Iapancinnu”
  • Earth+4= “Sienna Catlimtha”
  • Lava+3= “Carnel Estrusuam”
  • Air+2= “Gypsum Vimstiyanis”
  • Water+1= “Kyan Desprhuli”

Having a connection to more than one element does not necessarily dictate a level of importance or hierarchy. There are Desprhulis who are unmatched just as there are Iapancinnu with moderate capabilities in each. 

Down Time? Time for Medical Checkup

I’ve been using newfound freetime to cross off medical checkups. You know- those things you’re supposed to do at least once a year, be it the dentist, gynecologist, etc.? Well, so far three are squared away and let me tell ya- boy were there some surprises. 

For one, turns out my Vitamin D level is 12. You heard right…12. I didn’t even know Vitamin D was measured in whole numbers. What I do know is I was told the goal is 30 which means I’m at less than half. Needless to say, I’m on  supplements for the next three months. 

Then I was told my platelet count is 83,000 and I- having never been told anything about my platelets before, thought that was pretty good! 83,000 seems like a lot, right? Apparently no. Not at all. In fact, it’s around 60,000 below where I’m supposed to be, which means…time to go to the hematologist!

Everything else so far has been squid and lemons though, so I think it’s going pretty darn well. If anything, I’m just happy to know I’m no longer anemic.

SIDE NOTE: I’m also actively avoiding googling what low vitamin D and platelet counts could signify because I have nothing to do but overthink right now.  

artist: @artoshtu