World Building: Elementalists

Similar to Immortalized Beings, Elementalists have many theories surrounding their existence though three are most common. There are those who view them as reincarnated mortal souls while others think they are selected by deities or nature itself. No matter their origins, each is bestowed a connection to one of ten elements (excluding Aether) at birth. 


  1. Aether – only ethereal beings have ties to this element
  2. Air
  3. Darkness
  4. Earth
  5. Fire
  6. Ice
  7. Lava
  8. Light
  9. Lightning
  10. Thunder
  11. Water

When a new Elementalist begins their cycle, all mature Elementalists with a link to their same element experience a ‘calling’. Only when a ritual is performed bonding a mentor and protégé (infant/child) does this sensation disappear. This bonding is not permanent and can be severed although the ‘calling’ will start anew until the adolescent reaches maturity. 

While mortal, they experience a lifespan four times the average population for an approximation of 500 years. As such, they are not considered ‘mature’ until sometime between their 75th and 104th year. If one elects to have children there is minimal guarantee they will share the same fate- regardless of the partner chosen. It is common for an Elementalist to outlive generations of their descendants.  

Even though each is born with a link to a singular element- they can build connections with up to five in total. In most cases, these supplemental elements are related to the initial one.

Elementalists are denoted by primary element as well as how many elements they gain access to.

Primary Element

  • Air -> Gypsums
  • Darkness -> Galenas
  • Earth – > Siennas
  • Fire -> Vermillions
  • Ice -> Celestines
  • Lava -> Carnels
  • Light -> Pearls
  • Lightning -> Orpimens
  • Thunder -> Teks
  • Water -> Kyans

Number of Elements

  • 5 -> Iapancinnu
  • 4 -> Catlimtha
  • 3 -> Estrusuam
  • 2 -> Vimstiyanis
  • 1 -> Desprhuli

Example Title

  • Thunder+5= “Tek Iapancinnu”
  • Earth+4= “Sienna Catlimtha”
  • Lava+3= “Carnel Estrusuam”
  • Air+2= “Gypsum Vimstiyanis”
  • Water+1= “Kyan Desprhuli”

Having a connection to more than one element does not necessarily dictate a level of importance or hierarchy. There are Desprhulis who are unmatched just as there are Iapancinnu with moderate capabilities in each. 

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