World Building: Governance Structure

The former empire is divided into five provinces, each with a capital city governing its affairs via a council.

I. Capital Cities

Austath (on a ravine carved plateau with fertile land below)
Drenkyui (coastal between the sea and mountain)
Ihtoakhus (inside a mountain)
Mayif (in a tropical forest)
Utjen (lakeside at the base of an active volcano)

II. Councils

Council members are selected based on a number of qualifications relating to their ability, contributions and knowledge in particular specialties. They serve five terms with an inability to return for seventeen years.

Tasks include:

  • Drafting laws & policies with inclusive pools of randomly selected citizens (a.k.a. citizens’ juries).
  • Finalizing laws & policies in layman’s terms for the public to vote on.
  • Implement laws & policies to the letter as determined by public vote.

III. Citizens’ Juries

IV. Individual Votes

Individuals vote directly on new laws and policies pertaining to their province and the empire as a whole. 70% of mature citizens must vote in favor for a policy to go into effect.

Policies and laws affecting the entire empire are handled via a similar process:

  1. All councils convene in a single capital to recognize the proposal or issue at hand.
  2. All councils travel to each province, reviewing with citizens’ juries.
  3. All councils reconvene to finalize the proposal in layman’s terms.
  4. Each council returns to their respective province, meeting with citizens’ juries.
    • If difficulties persist then the councils reconvene to redraft. 
  5. A vote is had in each province regarding the proposal.
  6. The policy or law is implemented as determined by public vote.

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