World Building: Immortalized Beings

When a mortal soul completes its cycle, there exists a chance to become Immortalized. Some believe deities select the soul, some believe nature itself decides, some believe an Immortalized must self sacrifice for another to take their place, and others believe it’s all left to chance. 

If one were to ask The Sybil, she will explain there can never be more than 354 Immortalized in existence- one for each day in a standard year. Each Immortalized has a date of esse denoting their death with no two sharing the same date. Only beings who have surpassed their twenty-first year can become Immortalized. They are unable to procreate.  

Once Rituals of Esse have been performed, twenty-nine nights must pass before a being may reawaken. While in their dormant state: lingering wounds or ailments heal, permanent markings adorn their skin reflecting their month of esse, and their hair or eyes take on an unnatural hue.

Within moments of their first breath, an animal is at their side waiting to lead them to The Sybil who serves as a guide into their new existence.

Their animal companion will never stray too far nor will its cycle complete unless the Immortalized chooses to complete their own cycle for a final time. If an Immortalized should choose to complete their cycle, they can seek out The Sybil who will perform the ritual. 

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