Unemployment: A Steady Current

Today marks my second month unemployed, officially surpassing my prior stint in 2019. In my perfect scenarios I would have accepted a job offer by now with a start date in the next few weeks. A preference which clearly didn’t pan out, but such is life. 

Thanks to family and friend’s emotional support (e.g. chatting on the phone, meeting for lunch, receiving job recommendations, etc.), maintaining at least five applications per week, managing about one interview a week, and diverting excess energy into creative projects…I’m doing pretty okay.

It definitely helps that I was finally able to get some things with the state sorted, but everything else has really been keeping me going.

My current obsession is without a doubt The Amazing Race and I am currently in the phase of asking everyone I know if they will compete with me. So far both my parents and one of my bridesmen rejected me (pretty hilariously I might add).

I’ve also started going to the gym again and let me tell you- upper body is the absolute worst. I would prefer anything else and my gym doesn’t have a rowing machine (my only exception), so I’m getting through on sheer will power.

All in all I’ve gotten past the emotional turmoil of it. Is there still a twinge of negativity? Of course, but I’m sure it will fade once I’m back in the flow of things. Until then I’ll keep chugging along and split free time between world building and side projects. When’s a better time…right?

artist: @artoshtu

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