Foodstuffs Exchange Day (My Festivus)

My invented holiday is about one thing and one thing only: sharing of foodstuffs.

Why? Because great food is one thing we all enjoy and by tasting things those close to us like, we learn more about them. It’s also a way to expand our own food horizons and find new things we really like or just might not be for us, but hey- we gave it a shot!

The way to celebrate is quite simple. Your share a foodstuff be it a fruit, snack, vegetable, treat, meal, or dessert. It could be done at work with co-workers, at school with course-mates, with friends, with family, or whoever you decide. Regardless of your group, everyone brings in enough of their foodstuff and then exchanges it so everyone gets a serving of everyone’s selection.

For instance: my foodstuff this year would be soft pretzels with beer cheese. My partner’s would be churrasco with rice and red beans.

The great thing about it is people’s tastes change all the time. So as years go by, the same people will very likely pick something new and for all you know a selection could be inspired by something you shared years ago.

artist: @artoshtu

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