Fatherly Shenanigans

Yesterday, my father graciously sent a list of family members with contact information for wedding invitations.

Below is what he sent with that list:

Dear J.J.H.W.,

It was fun while it lasted…we had a good run. Please accept this formal acknowledge as my retirement. I am riding off into the sunset. I will return for ceremonial duties to walk you down the aisle however I will disappear into the night like a ninja after my retirement celebration…I mean your wedding reception. Thank you for your support in finally letting the farsha be a free bird (Caw Caw!)

Retired Farsha

So this has been a running gag between my dad and I since childhood. Ever since we watched Austin Powers in Goldmember he’s been calling himself “the Farsha” and I can’t even tell you when the “free bird” statements came into play. All I can say is, my father always has time to bring dramatics into everything.

Hence, my response to him:

Dear Farsha,

Thank you so much for the list. Unfortunately, the text of your email was corrupted.

First Born

He hasn’t responded yet, so I’m pretty sure I won this round.

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