Shifting Relationships with School

It’s strange to think I went from preparing for graduate school to putting it on hold and now I’m taking a certification course. I guess it’s the feeling of “being done with school! hooray!”, only to find yourself in a different version of it…The feeling can be odd, but it does makes sense to me.

I think the catch with secondary education is you’re taking a bunch of core classes with a limited variety of electives that may or may not align with your interests. Then you get to tertiary education (in my case University) where easily half your degree can be a combination of courses you just took in secondary school and courses that aren’t even relevant to your specific degree.

So if/when you do enter the world of specialized courses and certifications, it’s enlightening because you know you’re not having to deal with frivolous extras. No more having to pay for unrelated things. You have a specific interest you want to learn about and BAM! It’s all you’re focused on.

Once I finish my current course I already have a few I’m planning to take next. Some are related to data analytics, but the one I’m most looking forward to is a drawing course! As someone who loves to commission art I’ve always wanted to learn and finally did some digging. The good news is there are tons of talented artists offering courses which made it loads easier.

So here’s to building new and difficult skills!

Artist: oshtu

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