Commission Idea : Short Comic

Learning to say Good Morning to strangers

*I would say, “inspired by true events”, but this is literally what happened*

My partner and I are on a trail.

A pregnant woman and her partner say good morning, then ask us to take their picture.

I take the picture while crouching.

We continue along and hear the couple saying good morning to others we pass.

Me: “Are we supposed to be saying good morning to everyone?

My Partner: *shrugs*

We hear more good mornings.

Me: “I think we are. We have to get used to that. Where we’re from no one does that. They just look at you like, ~don’t look at me!~” *laughs*

The Next Day

We pass a couple and their dog while bringing in our groceries.

Me: *smiles* “Hello” *we walk past*

My Partner: “Aw look at you applying the local norms.”

Me: *rolls eyes*

My Partner: “And my niceness.”

Me: *pauses and looks up at them* WHAT?!

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