Bird Mechanics : Hitting the Nail on the Beak

Season 2 of Tuca & Bertie has finally premiered meaning I had my partner log into Adult Swim, just so I could watch its Eastern Standard Time showing. Why? Because I had work the next day and EST gets everything first!

It’s actually really wild how late I would have needed to stay up to watch it in my time zone.

But back to one of my favorite shows because this episode hit like a brick.

The episode starts with Bertie looking for a therapist. Coincidentally, I’ve actually been trying to find a therapist for several months now, but between my own mental barriers and moving halfway across the country…well…I think you get the idea. So watching Bertie scroll through endless options with the question of are they a good fit?’, looming overhead truly made me laugh. It’s so true though! There are so many therapists all specializing in a bunch of different things and you end up staring at the screen like, “.…so am I supposed to just go off a picture and paragraph? If they even have one?” The idea of shopping for a therapist isn’t new to me, but seeing Bertie’s speed date version (wackiness abound) really clicked with me.

Around halfway through the episode I’d pulled up my insurance and was scrolling through options. There was one in particular who’d stuck out the last few times I’d tried this, so…I finally bookmarked their information.

My partner was in the room and I eventually showed them what I’d found. Similar to Bertie’s long-term boyfriend; Speckle, who supports Bertie when she’s spiraling- my partner has supported me through some very deep lows this past year. They had gently made it clear they wanted me to see a professional and were quite happy to see I’d taken a step. Being observant as ever, my partner also noted the very obvious parallels between the episode and our current situation, but since they’d only heard the episode they didn’t get to experience the full greatness…I’ll make a fan out of them yet

Fast forward two days and I have made the call. Of course it turned out they were now doing a text system, but I sent the text!

Special shout out to Adult Swim for putting the first episode on YouTube, so I could watch it again while drafting this up!

Also, my birdsona would probably be a goose.

Photo by alex shapoval Unsplash

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