Today Is…

National Gumbo Day!

You heard right. It’s national gumbo day and boy oh boy do I have feelings. Before we get into it though, I have to explain the masterpiece of what gumbo is.

*clears throat* Picture it. My partner’s mother’s home. 2020.

You see a stew that’s rich, flavorful, and has spice. You peek closer and spot chicken, sausage, shrimp, okra, red bell peppers, onion, corn, celery, black beans, jalapeños, and the almighty scotch bonnet peppers. *sorry to say I don’t have the recipe, but if anyone wants it, I’ll post it once I get the details from my partner’s brother*

Now I don’t have very many stories related to ‘today is‘ topics, but when it comes to the all amazing gumbo…you bet I have one and I still bring it up to this day.

It all happened in 2008 when my father’s side was having a family reunion. My grandmother, her sisters and cousins had spent all day cooking and as soon as the gumbo was ready- it was a hit. Now for the betrayal. I was alone enjoying my gumbo when my father sat next to me and asked if I would get him some. I got up and left my half filled bowl to get it for him. Turns out there wasn’t any left, so I went back to tell him the news and guess what I saw? He was finishing my gumbo! He already knew we were out! The betrayal.

I still bring this up at least once a year and you know why? Because we haven’t had a family reunion since, so I haven’t been able to have it in twelve years!

This is my warning to all of what good gumbo does to people. Luckily, my partner’s brother has an amazing recipe so…now I patiently wait for him to make it again.

In short, find a good gumbo spot and enjoy!

SIDE NOTE: the image represents me reliving the gumbo betrayal

Artist: oshtu

12 October

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