Today Is…

International Coffee Day

Get those beans and pots ready because today is international coffee day!

…Can you tell I don’t drink coffee?

In spirit of today I tried my line on my partner this morning. Their reaction was to stare at me blankly, mid pour and say, “…but it’s already brewed” and then harass me with questions for the next five minutes. I heard of everything from “do you want some since it’s international coffee day?”, “but it’s already brewed for you!”, “just a quick little taste?”, & “it’s from Costa Rica so it’s on theme”. Five minutes of this while I got ready for work and honestly, I’m so happy they leaned in so hard, haha.

Now if you’re thinking, “this is not the day I know for this“; I get it because while the International Coffee Organization marked it as October 1st in 2015…the majority of countries celebrating coffee do so on September 29th with several other countries celebrating on neither of those dates.

What did I learn from this? Coffee is beloved and I’m just going to roll with this.

So even though I don’t drink coffee, my partner is fully committed to the bean and recently started making cold brew. From what I remember the first brew didn’t exactly go according to plan, but now they have it down to a science. Every Sunday like clockwork they sit in the kitchen and intently focus on filtering coffee grounds. It’s pretty cute to watch.

Anyway, to everyone enjoying their morning coffee I hope your brews are perfect and smell amazing!

SIDE NOTE: I definitely had to ask how they make cold brew to write this post and genuinely asked, “so you filter the coffee beans?” to which they corrected me by saying, “…you mean grounds?“. So that’s where I’m at with coffee in case it wasn’t clear.

OTHER SIDE NOTE: Did you know Frappuccinos have caffeine in them? Because I didn’t know this for YEARS

Photo by Najib Kalil on Unsplash

1 October

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