‘Tis the Season to Quit Working

Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la!

As pretty much everyone is aware by now (hopefully); it’s December which means the holiday season is in full swing! It’s the time of year when everyone starts stocking up on presents, holiday music starts blasting, the weather gets cool, and…people start dropping from work like flies.

At my job so far we’ve had three hosts, one to-go person, and a cook leave.

Two hosts tried to say they couldn’t say in the university dorms over winter break(a lie) and when management confronted them they chose to quit.

The third host actually had to quit because their ride didn’t want to cart around and then said they weren’t getting enough hours (even though the host had almost 40 hours >_>).

The To-go person is leaving because they graduated this semester and are going home (no hard feelings there, of course).

The cook, on the other hand; wanted something like two weeks off which wasn’t fair to anyone else working, so management said no. Can you guess how the cook reacted? By putting in their two weeks notice of course!I understand people want to be with family during the holidays, but we’re in the service industry people. We can’t all have off for the holidays and we can’t all just suddenly spring up wanting days off less than a month before the busiest time of year. ESPECIALLY when the managers made an announcement months ago about how requests during this time would be handled given expected high volume (plus our managers are pretty good at trying their best to please everyone and aren’t even assholes about it!).

The best part is when this many people leave it then befalls on the remaining staff. For instance: I worked a double Friday, closed Saturday, and had another double Sunday meanwhile I have two huge finals Tuesday. Of course the extra hours are much appreciated, but I found out about my schedule change on THURSDAY. This meant the time I’d allotted myself to study got cut down to Saturday morning and Monday


All I’m saying is that when you get interviewed; especially as a college student, they specifically ask about your plans during the holidays…The failure of people to plan in advance/blatantly choose to ignore the reality of the sector they work in amazes me (clearly I’m not talking about the people who have emergencies or requested off in advance here).

O.P 11 December 2017

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