Summer Vacation: A Thing of the Past

Today while I was listening to a podcast (at work and browsing through post ideas); a thought came to me: summer is a thing of the past for me now

This isn’t necessarily big news. I mean, I’ve graduated university and work a full time job now. The days of having three months off to either sit around the house, hang out with friends/family, or pick up extra hours at work are gone. Now it’s all about making sure I’m at work by 8 and out the door at 5; Monday through Friday; no matter what unless it’s a paid holiday.

So what does that mean for Summer plans? It honestly means I don’t have any. Now there is no “well I’ll wait until summer to start doing that“. Now if I want to do something I have to be the one to set aside the time, so in that sense summer is both year round and nonexistent. 

Did I have anything planned this summer? Technically pole dancing and exercise, but it had nothing to do with it being summer. They were just things I decided I wanted to do and it happened to fall in this particular season. 

I have friends who are teachers/students and summer vacation is still a thing for them in a way; which is cool. I had a four day weekend for the holiday and while I loved being able to just relax I also realized some things: I was waking up around the time I’d normally have to be at work and going to bed around the usual time as well. So all that changed was being able to relax and not going to work. Was it worth it? Oh for sure. Having the extended break definitely does wonders on not only my attitude at work, but also keeps me from feeling run down.  

Side Note: because I’ve been at my job for a year I now have FIVE days of PAID VACATION. Whoop whoop! The good old corporate “summer” vacation of five solid weekdays! And two weekends if you’re trying to maximize.

Will I be using my days this summer? Nope. I’m either planning a cruise or Toronto in winter.  

But anyway, summer’s been here! It’s hot out. My brother is back in town. Pools are now back on my radar. I actually went outside and tanned a bit over the holiday. I’m dog sitting for the next two weeks. AND one of my best friends is coming to Florida this month.

So here’s to enjoying the summer season- because if you’re like me, it’s no longer a summer holiday! 

Photo by Bruce Christianson on Unsplash

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