Post Interview: EPIK

It’s been almost a week since my interview with EPIK and I realized I should jot down the experience in case it helps anyone in the future! And also before I forget.

So let’s jump into it!

Prep Work

(1) Shower! I say this for two reasons: a) South Korea is several hours ahead (13 for me) and the reset was much needed after a full day at work. b) I have curly hair so I did the full shebang to get my hair at it’s best.

(2) Lighting, lighting, lighting! Now because my room isn’t the brightest (and the interview happened at night) I brought in extra lamps which really made a difference, let me tell you.

(3) Print a copy of your EPIK application! The email you get notifying you of your interview (congratulations!) should tell you this, but it never hurts to have a reminder just in case.

(4) Read your EPIK application! By this I mean your personal essay questions and lesson plan. I read mine over three times before the interview started.

(5) Have your space ready an hour before hand! If you have a recruiter like I did then they’ll call you before your interview just to make sure everything sounds good, looks good, see how you’re feeling, answer any last minutes, etc.

(6) Drink water! This one might seem silly, but I’d say drink something before hand just in case you think you might get a dry throat (happens to me all the time).

Things That Can Go Wrong/DID Go Wrong For Me

My computer went to sleep while I was waiting and when I tried to wake it up, it DIDN’T WORK. Mind you this was maybe…fifteen minutes before my interview was scheduled. I had to restart my computer and then it started UPDATING! I ran to borrow my mom’s laptop, but realized my Skype was set up via my Windows account and I didn’t know the username-password combination (insert mild panic). LUCKILY, my laptop bounced back quick enough for me to log in, load Skype, recheck my sound/video quality, and take a swig of water ALL before an EPIK representative sent me a request.

{and that’s what we call going on a roller coaster of emotions in about ten minutes}

Actual Interview

This is where my memory gets a bit hazy, but I’m going to put the main points I remember being brought up- in no particular order.

(1) All three questions from the personal essay. *REVERT TO PREP WORK*

(2) How I would describe myself.

(3) Why I attended more than one elementary and middle school.

(4) My time spent abroad.

(5) My work experience abroad.

(6) My tattoos.

(7) My prescriptions.

(8) The lesson plan.

(9) How I would handle students who were being disruptive in class/didn’t have an interest in learning English.

(10) Prior experience with children.

(11) Knowledge about Korean culture.

(12) Willingness to learn Korean prior to arrival.

(13) If a co-teacher only wanted me to take a back seat and only really step in for pronunciation and things of that nature.

(14) Why I selected my location preference.

(15) The possibility of teaching at up to three schools (if placed in a province).

(16) The possibility of being placed in a more rural area.

(17) What I think makes me good for the position.


My main tip is to be just be genuine and honest. I know, I know- that’s probably a played out answer, but it’s true! Remember, they’re interviewing countless applications and no one wants a teacher with no personality. This is why I feel its best to balance your natural charm/personality because obviously none of us are perfect, but if we can navigate it…that’s the real ticket. I made myself laugh during my interview. I faltered. Hell, I even felt like I was struggling through some of my answers. BUT I kept it light; I kept it honest; and…I ended up passing the interview!

NOTE: This advice clearly might not work or be relevant for everyone, but if it it does help then that’s awesome!

In the end just give it your best!

Photo by Emma Matthews on Unsplash

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