Daily Journaling?

If you’re like me and have scrolled through the Buzzfeed shopping lists a time or two (or for like the past three/four years), then you’ve probably seen the “Q & A a Day: Five Year Journal” pop up a few times by now.

When I first saw it a couple years ago my first thought was “I can’t even take my iron supplement everyday, so this definitely isn’t happening ” even though I loved the idea. Fast forward to two weeks or so ago when I saw it again and decided I’d finally give it a shot.

I was expecting it to last like maybe a week, turn into one of those things I forget about, but then miraculously be remembered down the road and picked up again. Surprisingly though I’m SUPER into it. I keep it in my purse on weekdays. I leave it out in the open on weekends. And I’ve ALWAYS got a pen nearby.

The questions are simple which I think is good because even though they might be a little thought provoking…you only have about three lines to write, so it forces you to be concise. The fact some of the questions are thought provoking is actually why I leave it in my purse, so when the answer hits me I can just jot it down real quick.

Obviously this journal is still in it’s infancy stage, so there’s a good chance I might forget about it for a bit, BUT I’m pretty damn confident right now. The thing I’m mostly looking forward to is after I’ve had it for a year and I’m able to see what my past answers were. I just think the direct comparison over something that seems so small is really neat and a cool way to remember things I may have otherwise forgotten.

What can I say? There’s nothing like a blast from the past from yourself!

In other news I also have a separate journal I’m using to monitor three savings goals and monthly credit card spending (inspiration via all the beautiful bullet journals posted everywhere).

So here’s to keeping up with my “question a day” and savings goals!

Photo by Carli Jeen on Unsplash

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