Ocean Views

As a Florida kid the beach is nothing new to me. My mom loved the beach, so when I was young we went whenever she found the time and in high school plenty of Saturdays were spent hanging on the sand. The thing is though: I’m not a fan of beach. My ex lived for everything related to the sea and I enjoyed the occasional trip, but once we ended so did my need for the beach. Now don’t me wrong; I loved being out in the sun and in the water, but it’s the sand- oh the sand! It’s either burning, getting everywhere, or blowing up in your face (sometimes all in the same 60 seconds!).

Needless to say I haven’t thought much about the beach until a couple weeks ago. You see, the person I was house/pet sitting for lives right near the water so in order to get to and from work I had to drive right down the coast.

Let me just say: there’s something so serene about how the sun glistens off a calm ocean.

Honestly, I think it was the first time I really got an understanding of why some people really enjoy ocean views.

I’m pretty sure my mom’s whole retirement plan centers around having a condo on the beach and even though I don’t share the sentiment in any way whatsoever…I’m going to do everything I can when the time comes to make sure she gets it- and then I can enjoy the coastal drive when I visit!

Photo by Griffin Keller on Unsplash

Waking Up from a Bad Dream

I have a theory that when I wake up from a bad dream it means I died in said dream. Now I know this isn’t new and a lot of people agree our brains don’t know what it’s like after we die, so we just wake up.

For me though, I don’t think I’ve ever actually dreamed of myself being killed or dying (that I can remember). Instead it seems I wake up several scenes before it would get to that point which is kind of weird to me. After all the horror/thriller movies I’ve watched I know my brain definitely has the material work with and yet it just doesn’t happen.

Let’s take the most recent dream which left me feeling that weird…I don’t know if it’s anxiety or adrenaline or a racing heartbeat. In the dream I was being stalked, the person was arrested, and I was driving with a friend somewhere to unwind. During the drive I started to realize the wrong person had been arrested and it was my ‘friend’ who was doing it the whole time. Then the dream jumped to me in a hotel bathroom trying to get service to call the police. The door was locked and my friend was trying to get in to see if I was okay; growing more and more aggressive as time went on. I couldn’t get service for the life of me and eventually my friend was able to chip out a bit of one of the slots on the door that look like permanently closed blinds to peek through. I was having trouble moving properly and I’m pretty sure I was drugged, but I tried to stay calm and not let them see I was crying/freaking out while trying to text 9.1.1. instead.

What happened next? I don’t know. My last memory of the dream before waking up was managing to pull myself close to the window to try and get reception to send the text.

I think it’s pretty safe to assume I didn’t send the text. Or that I didn’t make it period, but that’s A-okay. I’ve never really looked into the meaning behind dreams or anything except for the whole “if I wake up in a bad situation then I didn’t make it” bit, so there really isn’t much I can say about it. What I can say though is maybe it’s my fear of death that makes it so my dreams never really dip into the dying stage? It certainly makes enough sense on my end.

Artist: oshtu

Motor Vehicles: an unfortunate expense

Can I just say that cars are really a pain in the ass from a consumer perspective- specifically mine?

I waited until I was 18 to get my license and I did it for three reasons: (1) I was lucky enough to be able to get by without it, (3) I didn’t feel like driving, and (2) I didn’t want the expense. Now that I’m 22 I realize my high school self was all. too. right.

I know cars can be useful, but I really am a fan of public transportation. Ever since I spent a semester in London I just feel like it’s ruined cars for me. I drive because I live in a part of Florida where public transit is relatively nonexistent (not that we’re known for it to begin with).

My goal is to relocate to a city where I can sell my car and no longer worry about it. In the past month I’ve had to drop a good chunk of cash on fixing it and then last week my SERVICE LIGHT came on. That’s right. The SERVICE LIGHT CAME ON after I’d JUST taken it in!

How much is it going to cost? Who knows? I don’t know what wrong with it yet, so I’m mentally prepping for a ‘worst case amount’. Why? Because then I can budget for it and hopefully it won’t cost as much I think…of course there’s the chance it might cost more, but I refuse to think about that right now, okay?

Alright. Enough ranting about cars before mine decides to die when I still have another year before I’ll be ready to ship off to grad school. >_>

On another note: if I were to go into a trade I’d hands down go into car repair

Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi on Unsplash

Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood

I’m going to start by saying I stumbled across this on Syfy which has some real gems on there (i.e. Never Let Me Go) and also some…I don’t even know if “dud” is the right word. Anyway, I went on guide to see the lineup and THIS is the playing order for the rest of the day: Leprechaun 5: In the Hood, Leprechaun 4 in Space, Leprechaun 3, Leprechaun 2, Leprechaun, Leprechaun Returns, and BACK to Leprechaun 3.

I’ve so many questions. Why is ‘Back 2 that Hood’ on before ‘In the Hood? Why are we then going backwards from there? If we’re going backwards, why is Leprechaun Returns at the end? AND WHY DO WE RESET BACK TO LEPRECHAUN 3?! Who made this lineup? Was it their personal list of the worst to the best? Was it the opposite?

Now if you haven’t seen anything from this franchise, I’ll break it down for you: if you take the Leprechaun’s gold then he’ll kill you and take it back- sometimes at the same time. That’s pretty much it. I think in one he also tries to take a girl as his wife, but I have no idea which one that is (although I probably will by the end of the day).

Are these movies scary? No. It’s actually in my least favorite category of all time; horror comedies. So why am I still watching? Because I had no idea they made so many movies and now I must see all of them…also I’m house sitting and don’t have a whole lot to do.

UPDATE: ‘In the Hood‘ has Ice-T in it!

UPDATE: honestly it’s a personal challenge to finish all these movies at this point because the struggle is getting real

PRO TIP: clovers can make leprechaun’s temporarily vulnerable apparently, but not touching their gold avoids the problem completely

Photo by Quentin Rey on Unsplash

Old Friends: same old shit?

It’s wild how you can know someone for years, go through so many ups and downs, not talk for months at a time, and then suddenly one person hits up the other because they haven’t posted on social media in a while and suddenly you’re hanging out until five in the morning.

Was it expected? Definitely not, but that’s life…you know?

I’ll be the first to say I was the reason our friendship fell apart. Hands down it was me and I think mixed with distance/leading our own lives sent us in different directions for a while.

Was it unfortunate? Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely things we’ve missed out on in each others lives which is unfortunate, but I don’t necessarily think it is on the whole because we’ve always managed to link back together.

It’s funny too because this time around I guess it just feels different? I think we’re both in that mentality/stage where the bullshit from years ago just isn’t something we live in anymore. There’s no overthinking. We hang out, have deep conversations, have stupid conversations, and the most important part- we roast the shit out of each other.

In the past month alone I’ve seen them twice (taking that good ol’ three and half hour drive). The first time was the fated “hanging out until 5 a.m.”. This past weekend I introduced them to my boyfriend, brought them over for breakfast with my some relatives they hadn’t seen in years, and face timed with my mom to say hi. It was awesome and by the time we parted ways there were already plans to link up again in a few weeks.

I really don’t know how to explain it…During our 5 a.m. hangout they said something off handily about how I was one of their best friends and it really made me think that: yeah, they’re definitely still one of mine. I just felt refreshed and I think sometimes that’s what we need- that physical presence as opposed to maybe just a screen or even nothing at all.

I guess in the end my true take away is: through the highs and lows it’s all about those who you can still kick back with and watch them not be able to finish a turkey leg at the fair (and then roast them for it).

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash