Supporting Creatives

I don’t really consider myself a creative, but I definitely like to support them. If anyone were to look at my Instagram feed they’d see lots of comic strips and tattoo art with a sprinkling of friends in there for good measure.

A friend of mine has a Patreon which is something I’ve heard of even though I never really got into it. This is mainly because- again, I’m not a creative plus it’s one thing to be on a donation/crowdfunding site and actually donate.

The first time I ever felt the real urge to donate was when I found out a second season of People Watching was in the works. I immediately rushed over to the page only to find I’d missed the window (it was as if a cartoon cloud appeared over me). Luckily, enough money was raised and another ten episodes were released!

I didn’t think much about supporting artists again until the same friend tweeted about her Ko-Fi account. Then it really started to sink in how I enjoy all this content for free and should give back.

I mean, the best part of Instagram to me is the comic strips and artwork! I can’t do it myself, but I can do the next best thing and support those who can.

So…I took out my card and donated what I could at the time. And I think that’s the main point: to donate what you can because the appreciation/support for their work is probably priceless and could be the notification that really brightens their day.

After all, it’s hard our here for creatives. ~ a non-creative

NOTE: I’ve realized I’m the type who definitely benefits from self-promotion posts. Basically, if I see the link to purchase/donate, then the chances go up at least 40% for me.

Photo by Aneta Pawlik on Unsplash

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