Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: A Non-Review

Let’s talk about this show. It’s been on my Netflix list for a while now and it wasn’t until today that I finally got to watch it. Now I’m both hooked and feel personally attacked.

Why do I feel attacked?

Easy. Because changing your life plans for a guy is a mindset I used to be in. I mean, at one point I was fully ready to move to Chicago for a guy! I was literally about to save up for an entire year in order to move there with at least 7-10 months worth of rent. Did I know anybody else in Chicago? No. Did the guy even live in Chicago? Well, he ‘technically’ lived in a suburb of Chicago and I wasn’t about to move to a suburb. Did I have any job prospects in Chicago? Nope. What does all this mean? It means the first episode hit me hard, but in a hilarious way.

Why am I hooked?

The show is honestly amazing! I don’t know if it’s the singing, the outlandish situations, the humor, the characters or what. Regardless, I’m sucked in for the long haul. There might also be a part of me that feels just a teeny bit validated knowing I’m/was not nearly as bad as a television character because that means…something…to me…apparently. But anyway, I’m on episode twelve of the first season and it has my favorite song so far: Group Hang. I’m not even sure what I’m hoping for out of the story lines- I just can’t stop watching it.

I’d like to personally thank the rain for flooding my parking lot so my building shuts down and allowing me to stay home today!

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Supporting Creatives

I don’t really consider myself a creative, but I definitely like to support them. If anyone were to look at my Instagram feed they’d see lots of comic strips and tattoo art with a sprinkling of friends in there for good measure.

A friend of mine has a Patreon which is something I’ve heard of even though I never really got into it. This is mainly because- again, I’m not a creative plus it’s one thing to be on a donation/crowdfunding site and actually donate.

The first time I ever felt the real urge to donate was when I found out a second season of People Watching was in the works. I immediately rushed over to the page only to find I’d missed the window (it was as if a cartoon cloud appeared over me). Luckily, enough money was raised and another ten episodes were released!

I didn’t think much about supporting artists again until the same friend tweeted about her Ko-Fi account. Then it really started to sink in how I enjoy all this content for free and should give back.

I mean, the best part of Instagram to me is the comic strips and artwork! I can’t do it myself, but I can do the next best thing and support those who can.

So…I took out my card and donated what I could at the time. And I think that’s the main point: to donate what you can because the appreciation/support for their work is probably priceless and could be the notification that really brightens their day.

After all, it’s hard our here for creatives. ~ a non-creative

NOTE: I’ve realized I’m the type who definitely benefits from self-promotion posts. Basically, if I see the link to purchase/donate, then the chances go up at least 40% for me.

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TEFL/TESOL: The Final Showdown

You know that feeling you get after you graduate? The one where you’re looking forward to that nice, long or indefinite break? That was me after getting my Bachelor’s last May. My plan was to work for two years, stack up some experience, and save for grad school. Everything was going fine across the board until I got the inspiration to teach English abroad.

Now I’m back on the study wheel.

Let me start by saying; I really do find the material interesting. Maybe it’s linked to having served as a mini translator for friends in the past or maybe it’s something else entirely, but I managed to blow through the material and take the midterm in two weeks!

I’m getting certified with Asian College of Teachers, so my midterm was split in two segments: an exam & two part assignment where I created a lesson plan and answered short-answer questions. So far I’ve received my grade on the exam, but I’m still waiting for feedback on the written stuff.

Since I managed to do pretty well on the exam I thought I’d share my system in case anyone out there’s trying to get certified on a time crunch or just looking for some tips: *results may vary*

  1. I read one module a night (if a module was particularly long I split it between two nights)
  2. While reading each module I typed notes (because I’m not fast when writing by hand & you can’t print the course PDF files)
  3. Once I finished all the modules I read through my notes w/ pen and highlighter
  4. I watched all the corresponding videos and added notes to the relevant module note packet
  5. I read the note packets one more time
  6. I took the exam

Now as the for the assignment…it was really about applying everything you just learned, so having the note packets really came in handy to flip through. I’d like to say I did well and even though I’m confident…we’ll see when the results roll in!

P.S. It takes 24-48 hours to get results back which is honestly the kind of efficiency I live for.

Artist: oshtu

It can’t be just me: Fear of Failure

To start off; I’m pretty sure it’s not just me. BUT if you know someone or are the someone who never fears failure then congratulations and let’s hang out (maybe you’ll rub off on me).

So this is one of those things I’ve been wrangling with for ages now and the main reason it’s taken until now for me actually post on here. Anytime I would start a draft, two thought would pop up: What if no one likes it? & What if I fail?

On Tumblr it was one thing, but on here it somehow feels….more exposed? Maybe more adult, even? I don’t really know how to explain it.

There are things I want to write about. Things I’m in the middle of doing and working on. Things that might actually be interesting and yet, there’s still that lingering fear of

What if I write about it and then fail or it doesn’t work out?

Of course, the answer is to just keep on grooving to the next thing just like in real life. Normally I’m very set in that mindset and try not to let the present bog me down, but when it comes to writing it suddenly feels weird. I mean, in real life no one’s perfect, not everything works out and that’s okay. We make some adjustments and keep chugging along.

For me, when I first pushed past that barrier it was like a huge weight has been lifted. That silent pressure which can be so inhibiting suddenly lessened considerably (obviously it didn’t completely go away or I wouldn’t be writing this). Now this isn’t to say I’m lackadaisical in the things I do. I just think that striving for success and fearing failure don’t need to be mutually exclusive. I find it better to still strive for success while understanding if it doesn’t work out or I fail, then that’s okay because I did what I could.

I guess in short: If a fear of failure is hindering me to the point where I keep putting something off (like this), then I try my best to hone the same energy I put in other things I do.

So what does it mean for the site?

I’d rather be genuine than force myself to try and be perfect, ultimately fail anyway, and then act shook when it all blows up my face. Sooo this might get interesting.

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