Let’s See How This Goes!

Hey there! It’s J.J.H.W. also known as Outremusings and this will be my very first post on WordPress! *distant applause and cheers*

So what is this blog/website going to be about? That’s a great question and I…may or may not have a fleshed out answer to that.

You see, I have this habit where I’ll start something with all the prep work fleshed out and then a day comes where I just decide to scrap it all. At this point I must’ve gone through the cycle at least five times when it comes to blogs and I can’t even count how many times with other projects.

Now I know what you may be thinking; “If you know you have that habit then what’s the point of this?” And if it had been a year ago I would of completely agreed with you, BUT I gave myself the personal challenge of keeping a blog for a full year last aaaand I was successful!

The blog was a part of Tumblr and while I love Tumblr…I’m also very much aware of the limitations (some of which probably have to do with my minimal coding abilities) and I felt it was time to try something new. I mean, I want to start a podcast, I want to be able to get funky with my post structure, I want to be able to keep things going and it doesn’t mean I’m deleting my Tumblr by any means. I’ll just be posting on it a LOT less.

So if I somehow didn’t bore you to pieces with all that, then I invite you to strap on in! (unless I haven’t posted anything else yet, in which case…carry on)

Dating: Getting Back on the Horse

Gonna take my horse down the old town road!

DISCLAIMER: For anyone who managed to get that song out their head…I apologize, but the second I said horse I couldn’t help myself!

Anyway, that’s honestly one of my favorite sayings because; and I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this- I’ve never ridden a horse. In fact, I think my first time even interacting with a horse was two weeks ago when I surprised my mom with horse riding lessons. And even then the most I did was hold the reigns while the instructor went to grab something. 

But back to dating.

As of last Tuesday-ish I rejoined dating apps in an attempt to get myself out of the house and back in the game. I joined two: Hinge and Tinder. 

Hinge is like a mix between a serious dating site and Tinder in my opinion. You select like six pictures, fill out information ranging from your height to political affiliation to whether you want/have kids (you decide what you want visible), and instead of filling out a bio you can select three questions (they offer a bunch) to answer. Oh and there’s no swiping. Instead you either like a specific aspect of someone’s profile (a picture or answer to a question) or hit the “message” button to let them know you like them. If you don’t like the profile you just hit the “x”. The interface is a lot more aesthetically pleasing in my opinion and the fact that you already have built in ice breakers is definitely appreciated.

Now I know I’ve just talked up Hinge a bunch with a full explanation and everything, so you’re probably thinking the app has been a breeze for me, yeah? Weeelp. Sorry to say, but that’s not the case. Tried and true Tinder is still what reaps the most results which in this case literally just means people reaching out after we match. 

But what about the creepy messages on Tinder? You may be asking.  

Honestly, I haven’t received crazy messages from Tinder in a long, long time and the only message I’ve received that I even think could tip in that direction would be the one message I’ve received from a match on Hinge. What was the message? Well, thanks for asking. The message was to let me know that we’d have sexy blasian kids. 

My initial thought was, “I need to make ‘does not want kids‘ visible on my profile.”

So far I’ve gone on one date from a match on Tinder and it was a JOUR-NEY. I’m talking: going to club with his friends, leaving early to take a sick person home, sending someone off to a booty call, going to another bar, and all the crazy conversations that could possibly (and did) happen at each stage. Was it wild? Most definitely, but it’s a night I won’t forget for a long time and being in so many situations really lets you see how flexible someone is. I mean, a dude start peeing next to us on a tree and began telling us jokes for the next hour before offering us cocaine (and by this time I was beyond sober).

It was one of those nights out where I was so glad I actually took up the invitation because the last time I’d gone out was on NEW YEAR’S. I got to dance, I got to eat checkers, I even saw one of my “kinda relatives” out in the wild! 

So long story short: I’m back in the dating ring, going with the flow and enjoying my time. 

EPIK: Where to Pick?

One of the most daunting parts of this whole application process (aside from the interview) has been picking the ONE location preference you’re allotted.

Since location is linked to salary level and popularity I decided to immediately disregard all the places where I’d be paid the least. This meant Seoul, Busan, Incheon, Daegu, and Gyeonggi were immediately out of the running.

After going through the remaining options as listed on the E.P.I.K. application I was able to narrow it down to what I felt would suit me.

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Pre-Interview: EPIK

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. I can honestly say I was NOT expecting to get called for an E.P.I.K. interview.

Now that I think about it I guess most (if not all applicants) probably do get an interview, but I’m impatient so after two weeks of not hearing anything I pretty much moved past it emotionally. I’m talking to the point where I’d mapped out a potential savings plan for the next year with goals for graduate school housing a “farewell” trip to see myself off.

But that’s how it goes, right? Once you’re no longer thinking about it the time flies and then suddenly you’ve got an email saying your interview is scheduled for Thursday night and it hits that you have a SHIT ton of things to do if you actually land the position. In my case I still had to get my background check (i did the first one too early), get two passport photos, and complete my TEFL course (the final assignment and my in-class hours). That’s not too much right?….Right?

There’s also the task of buckling down and learning basic Korean.

SIDE NOTE: In figuring out what to do for this next year I looked into attending a language school through EF in either Japan or South Korea because it never hurts to learn another language and it’d be amazing, but it was honestly so expensive there was just no way it was going to happen.

But back on track.

Even though I haven’t gone through the interview yet, I can honestly say I don’t think I’m going to get the position. Now this isn’t one of those things where I’m looking for the whole “you’re great!” or “you got this!” reactions. Nope. It’s just me understanding that it’s an extremely competitive program, I haven’t taught before, I’m not as invested or enamored with South Korea as I’m learning many applicants are, and…other reasons I’m sure I’ll be able to find.

This also means I have to warn everyone in my house that for about an hour I’ll need silence…Nice.

NOTE: So my interview was this past Thursday (16 May) and I forgot to post this before hand because…I was introducing my mom to the wonderful show that is Tuca and Bertie (she wasn’t about it). But anyway I should have my results by next Friday and when I do I shall update!

Photo by Tirza van Dijk on Unsplash

Daily Journaling?

If you’re like me and have scrolled through the Buzzfeed shopping lists a time or two (or for like the past three/four years), then you’ve probably seen the “Q & A a Day: Five Year Journal” pop up a few times by now.

When I first saw it a couple years ago my first thought was “I can’t even take my iron supplement everyday, so this definitely isn’t happening ” even though I loved the idea. Fast forward to two weeks or so ago when I saw it again and decided I’d finally give it a shot.

I was expecting it to last like maybe a week, turn into one of those things I forget about, but then miraculously be remembered down the road and picked up again. Surprisingly though I’m SUPER into it. I keep it in my purse on weekdays. I leave it out in the open on weekends. And I’ve ALWAYS got a pen nearby.

The questions are simple which I think is good because even though they might be a little thought provoking…you only have about three lines to write, so it forces you to being concise. The fact that some of the questions are thought provoking is actually why I leave it in my purse, so when the answer hits me I can just jot it down real quick.

Obviously this journal is still in it’s infancy stage, so there’s a good chance I might forget about it for a bit, BUT I’m pretty damn confident right now. The thing I’m mostly looking forward to is after I’ve had it for a year and I’m able to see what my past answers were. I just think the direct comparison over something that seems so small is really neat and a cool way to remember things I may have otherwise forgotten.

What can I say? There’s nothing like a blast from the past from yourself!

In other news I also have a separate journal I’m using to monitor three savings goals and monthly credit card spending (inspiration via all the beautiful bullet journals posted everywhere).

So here’s to keeping up with my “question a day” and savings goals!

Photo by Carli Jeen on Unsplash

Skin Care: My Mortal Enemy

I’ve had poor skin since I was about…I don’t know, at least freshman year of high school if not earlier. It’s been a battle for the ages and let me just say- I damn well haven’t been winning, BUT like a creature of the sea I RISE FROM THE DEPTHS and get right back at it (sorry the dramatics)

I mean, if there was a new hot product on the inter-webs then there was a damn good chance I’d seen it, thought about buying it, or already had it. If I walked into the beauty section of a store you could bet I was probably going to walk away with at least one product in hand. Oh and all the internet tracking knew this to the point where now almost all the ads I see on Instagram or FaceBook are skin care related. 

This all came to a head though on my last dermatologist visit. You see, I was using a product that I was seeing improvement with, but my dermatologist wanted me to go back on two topical prescriptions. Now I’d used these before and wasn’t a fan. They made my skin thin to the point where if I idly scratched my face I usually ended up with light scabs and the results hadn’t been that great even after using them for months. PLUS with my most recent insurance, ONE prescription alone was going to cost me over $200. That’s when I decided to steer away from the pricey options because sometimes price doesn’t necessarily denote results given varying skin types and what not. 

With this in mind I ended up making a purchase for ABS (African Black Soap) and a moisturizer to match. The cost of both products plus shipping literally cost less than some of the products I already had which was…a mood. Now the product didn’t ship as soon as I bought it because the owner needed to make fresh batches. It was the first time I’d ever had to wait on a skin product, but it honestly made me more hype- especially since the Instagram page was keeping customers updated with the process and just HOW MANY orders she was handling (it was huge). When I finally go the text saying my package had been delivered I practically rushed home from work to try it out.

Using the product was simple enough. I’ve interacted with ABS in the past, but it never worked out well for my skin. Turns out the reason it wasn’t working was because I needed a moisturizer that could actually restore everything the soap was stripping away- hence why I also purchased the moisturizer. Now this moisturizer is…interesting. I’m used to moisturizers being light/gel like/milky if that makes sense and this moisturizer is DEFINITELY not that. Instead it’s thick and almost reminds me of thick honey butter…That probably didn’t make sense either

ANYWAY, what started out as kind of weird is now as easy as 1, 2, 3. I’m all for it and I love the products. Today marks one month and while I’ve seen improvement I’d be lying if I said my skin was perfect right now. The thing is though; my skin was such a wreck that I in no way expected it to be perfect- especially after just one month. I started breaking out over the weekend which sucked, but then I realized I got my period (ayyyy) and had that stare into the camera moment.

All in all I am learning to be patient with my skin and just going with the motions because I’ve realized that when I scrutinize my skin every day it becomes harder to notice overall improvement as opposed to just doing your routine and checking in every once in a while. I don’t know, I may be in the minority with that thinking, but I’ll take it. By the way I definitely took “before pictures” and plan on posting side by side comparisons somewhere around the three month mark or even sooner depending on when my skin gets to “acceptable levels”.  

Photo by Tiko Giorgadze on Unsplash